April 1, 2020 | Posted by: Mike Garganis

Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Spring is just around the corner but before you can enjoy the sun and warm weather a bit of home maintenance is in order. Spring is the ideal time to schedule a thorough interior and exterior inspection of your home and tackle these cost-saving projects so you can make the most of the summer season. 


Check the roof

If you feel comfortable on a ladder, inspect your roof. If not, use binoculars or the zoom feature on your phone or camera. Look for broken or missing shingles and check for bent or damaged flashing around plumbing vents, skylights and chimneys.

Clean out the gutters and downspouts

Whether or not you did this in the fall, there’s a good chance your gutters and downspouts need attention. Do a perimeter check from the ground to make sure nothing has come loose or detached. Get out the ladder and clear out any debris and clogs that can cause overflow, sagging gutters and potential damage to the foundation.

Fix and seal cracks

Freezing and thawing are hard on asphalt and concrete. Carefully inspect your foundation, walkways and patio. Fill in cracks and crumbling concrete as soon as you can in order to avoid water damage to your home.  

Inspect your AC unit, outdoor faucets and lights

Remove any debris around the cooling unit and change the filters. It’s a good idea to have your air conditioning unit inspected by a certified professional annually; it could help prolong the life of the unit.  Inspect hose faucets for brittle, damaged washers to avoid drips. Check all exterior lights and motion sensors, replacing bulbs as needed.

Caulk windows/replace weather stripping

Gaps between your windows can let water and critters inside. Over time, old caulking can dry out, shrink and become hard. Be sure to scrape off the old caulking before replacing to ensure proper adhesion. Check the weather stripping around patio and entry doors and replace any worn out, damaged material. This will help keep drafts out, keep your home cool over the hot summer and your energy bill down year-round.

Yard Maintenance

Remove any clutter and castoffs that accumulated over the winter months and get rid of any standing water to prevent mosquitoes.  Trees and bushes will look great and grow better if you remove dead, damaged and overhanging branches.  Now is also a good time to clean out your garden shed and stock up on landscaping supplies such as tools, yard bags and grass seed. Make sure your lawn equipment is in working order and ready for summer.


Spring is also the perfect time to be pro-active indoors. Preventive maintenance will reduce the risk of potentially expensive future repairs, keep your home safe and your systems running efficiently.  

• Check and clean out your dryer vent to minimize fire hazards

• Replace or clean your furnace filter

• Replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

• Have your fireplace cleaned

• Check your water heater for leaks

• Vacuum behind the refrigerator to ensure the coils are free of dust and debris

• Check fire extinguishers on a regular basis

• Repair dripping faucets

• Inspect bathroom and kitchen caulking

Finally, throw the windows wide open, let in the fresh air and officially retire your winter coat….hello spring! 

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