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Bad Credit Rating And The Banks Turned You Away, We Can Help

Sometimes things get out of control.  A bad credit rating can be gut-wrenching and just plain bad news.  We see all kinds of credit ratings every day and we have the strategies to help improve and even heal, damaged credit. 

You may be surprised to know that you can still obtain a mortgageWhether you’ve had a bankruptcy or your credit is only slightly bruised, you can obtain financing.

Your score is based on the following five attributes, with some attributes weighted more heavily than others:

  • Previous payment history (approx. 35% of score)
  • Current level of indebtedness (approx. 30% of score)
  • Length of credit history (approx. 15% of score)
  • Pursuit of new credit (approx 10% of score)
  • Types of credit available (approx. 10% of score)

"Licensed Mortgage Brokers have access to non-traditional lenders who offer financing solutions to individuals who have some credit challenges that cannot be addressed by the major financial institutions.  I can quickly assess your situation and decide on the best way to move forward."   - Mike Garganis

Your Credit Can Be Repaired

Moving your high-interest debt into a lower-rate mortgage is a great way to save on your overall interest costs, improve your cash flow, and begin the process of improving your credit rating. It's great news that the right mortgage can help establish your reputation for credit-worthiness.

There are a number of things you can do to improve your credit score, including:

  • making sure you actually have a credit history by establishing a record of owing money and paying it back (using a credit card is one way to build a credit history)
  • always paying your bills on time
  • never going over 50% of the credit limit on your credit card
  • applying for credit in moderation

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